Lesson 65 Jumbo versus the police 小象对警察

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First listen and then answer the question.
Why did the police have to push Jumbo off the main street?



Last Christmas, the circus owner, Jimmy Gates, decided to take some presents to a children's hospital. Dressed up as Father Christmas and accompanied by a‘guard of honour’of six pretty girls, he set off down the main street of the city riding a baby elephant called Jumbo. He should have known that the police would never allow this sort of thing. A policeman approached Jimmy and told him he ought to have gone along a side street as Jumbo was holding up the traffic. Though Jimmy agreed to go at once,  Jumbo refused to move. Fifteen policemen had to push  very hard to  get  him off  the main street.  The police had adifficult time, but they were most amused .‘Jumbo must weigh a few tons,’said a policemen afterwards, ‘soit was fortunate that we didn't have to carry him. Of course, we should arrest him, but as he has a good record, we shall let him off this time.’

New words and expressions 生词和短语

approach (1.6)/ә'prәutʃ/v. 走近
Christmas (1.1)/'krismәs/n.圣诞节
ought (1.7)/ɔ:t/modal verb应该
circus (1.1)/'sə:kəs/n.马戏团

Notes on the text 课文注释

1  Dressed up as Father Christmas and accompanied by a‘guard of  honour’ of  six pretty girls, 打扮成圣诞老人,在由6位漂亮姑娘组成的“仪仗队”的陪同下。过去分词短语 dressed up…和 accompanied by作状语,说明伴随状态。
2  He should have known, 他本应知道。这里“should +have +过去分词”表示本应发生但实际上并未发生的事情。
3  he ought to have gone  along  a side street, 他本应该走一条小路。 ought是助动词,“ought + have +过去分词”表示过去该做而没有做的事情。
4  hold up the traffic, 阻碍交通。
5  get him off the main street, 把它推离主要街道。
6  he has a good record, 它表现一贯很好,这里的record是指履历,特别是警察局的档案。
7  let him off,饶恕。


去年圣诞节,马戏团老板吉米·盖茨决定送些礼物给儿童医院。他打扮成圣诞老人,在由6个漂亮姑娘组成的“仪仗队”的陪同下,骑上一头名叫江伯的小象,沿着城里的主要街道出发了。他本该知道警察绝不会允许这类事情发生。一个警察走过来告诉吉米,他应该走一条小路,因为江伯阻碍了交通。虽然吉米同意马上就走,但江伯却拒绝移动。 15个警察不得不用很大的力气把它推离主要街道。警察虽然吃了苦头,但他们还是感到很有趣。“江伯一定有好几吨重,”一个警察事后这样说,“值得庆幸的是它没让我们抬它走。当然,我们应该逮捕它,但由于它一贯表现很好,这次我们饶了它。”