Lesson 69 But not murder!并非谋杀!

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First listen and then answer the question.
Do you think that the writer passed his driving test? Why?



I was being tested for a driving licence for the third time. I had been asked to drive in heavy traffic and had done so successfully. After having been instructed to drive out of town, I began to acquire confidence. Sure that I had passed, I was almost beginning to enjoy my test. The examiner must have been pleased with my performance, for he smiled and said,‘Just one more thing, Mr. Eames. Let us suppose that a child suddenly crosses the road in front of you. Assoon as I tap on the window, you must stop within five feet.’ I
continued  driving and after some  time, the examiner tapped loudly. Though the sound could be heard clearly, it took me a long time to react. I suddenly pressed the brake pedal hard and we were both thrown forward. The   examiner looked at me sadly.‘Mr. Eames,’he said, in a mournful voice,‘you have just killed that child!’

New words and expressions 生词和短语

murder(title) /mə:də/n.谋杀
react(1.10)/ri'ækt/v. 反应
acquire(1.3)/ə'kwaiə/ v. 取得,获得
brake(1.10) /breik/n.刹车
pedal(1.10) /pedl/ n. 踏板
examiner(1.5)/ig'zæminə/ n.主考人
mournful (1.11)/'mɔ:nfəl/adj.悲哀的
suppose(1.7) /sə'pəvz/v. 假设

Notes on the text 课文注释

1  driving licence,驾驶执照。
2  After having been instructed to drive out of town,在接到把车开出城的指令后。介词 after后面接动名词完成  式的被动结构,整个介词短语作时间状语,相当于一个时间状语从句 After I had been instructed to….
3  Sure that I had passed,确信我已通过考试,sure的前面省略了 Being。
4  The examiner must have been pleased,主考人对我的驾驶想必是满意的。这里用 must+have+过去分词来  对过去的事情表示推测。
5  in a mournful voice,用悲伤的声调。