Lesson 80 The Crystal Palace 水晶宫

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First listen and then answer the question.
How many people visited the Great Exhibition of 1851?



Perhaps the most extraordinary building of the nineteenth century was the Crystal Palace, which was built in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition of 1851. The Crystal Palace was different from all other buildings in the world, for it was made of iron and glass. It was one of the biggest buildings of all time and a lot of people from many countries came to see it. A great many goods were sent to the exhibition from various parts of the world. There was also a great deal of machinery on display. The most wonderful piece of machinery on show was Nasmyth's steam hammer. Though in those days, travelling was not as easy as it is 10 today, steam boats carried thousands of visitors across the Channel from Europe. On arriving in England, they were taken to the Crystal Palace by train. There were six million visitors in all, and the profits from the exhibition were used to build museums and colleges. Later, the Crystal Palace was moved to South London. It remained one of the most famous buildings in the world until it was burnt down in 1936.

New words and expressions 生词和短语

palace (title) /'pælilis/ n. 宫殿   
machinery (1.8) /mə'ʃi:nəri/ n. 机器
extraordinary (1.1) /ik'strɔ:dənəri/ adj.不平常的,
display (1.8) /di'splei/ n. 展览非凡的
steam (1.9) /sti:m/ n. 蒸汽
exhibition (1.3) /'eksə'bıʃən/n. 展览
profit (1.11) /'prɑfit/ n. 利润
iron (1.4) /'aiən/ n. 铁
college (1.12) /'kɔlıdʒ/ n. 学院
various (1.7) /'veəriəs/ adj. 各种各样的

Notes on the text 课文注释

1  which was built in Hyde Park, 是一个非限定性定语从句,修饰the Crystal Palace。
2  the Great Exhibition, 世界博览会。
3  it was made of iron and glass, 它是用钢和玻璃建成的。be made of …,用……制造(指原材料没有发生化学上的变化)。
4  of all time, 空前的。
5  on display = on show, 展出。
6  on arriving in England, 一到英国。
7  in all, 总共。