Lesson 84 On strike 罢工

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First listen and then answer the question.
Who will be driving the buses next week?



Busmen have decided to go on strike next week. The strike is due to begin on Tuesday. No one knows how long it will last. The busmen have stated that the strike will continue until general agreement is reached about pay and working conditions. Most people believe that the strike will last for at least a week. Many owners of private cars are going to offer‘free rides’to people on their way to work. This will relieve pressure on the trains to some extent. Meanwhile, a number of university students have volunteered to drive buses while the strike lasts. All the students are expert drivers, but before they drive any of the buses, they  will have to pass a special test. The students are going to take the test in two days' time. Even so, people are going to find it difficult to get to work. But so far, the public has expressed its gratitude to the students in letters to the Press. Only one or two people have objected that the students will drive too fast!

New words and expressions 生词和短语

strike (title) /straik/ n. 罢工
extent (1.7) /ik'stent/ n. 程度
busman (1.1) /'bʌsmən/ n. 公共汽车司机
volunteer (1.8) /vɑlən'tiə/ v. 自动提出,自愿
state (1.3) /steit/ v. 正式提出,宣布
gratitude (1.11) /'grætitju:d/ n. 感激
agreement (11.3-4) /ə'gri:mənt/ n. 协议
Press (1.12) /pres/ n. 新闻界
relieve (1.7) /ri'li:v/ v. 减轻
object (1.12) /әb'dʒekt/v. 不赞成,反对
pressure (1.7) /'preʃə/ n. 压力,麻烦

Notes on the text 课文注释

1  go on strike,举行罢工。
2  …is due to begin中的due有“定于(某时做某事)”的意思,后接不定式。
3  free ride,免费乘车。
4  to some extent,在某种程度上。
5  Only one or two people have objected that…,本句中only在句首,因为是修饰主语,因此句子的谓语并不用倒装语序。