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Lesson 51 Reward for Virtue 对美德的奖赏

Summary writing 摘要写作


Answer these questions in not more than 65  words.


1  Is Hugh fat or not? Has he gone on a diet or not? (so…that)

2  Has he forbidden hinself all the foods he likes,or has he forbidden himself all the foods he does not like?Has he lost weight or not?(but)

3  What did he hide under his desk when the writer visited him yesterday?

4  Did the parcel contain chocolate and sweets,or did it contain biscuits?

5  Why did Hugh say that he had to reward himself occasionally?(because)


Composition 作文


Write two or three sentences using the ideas given below.


I invited a friend to dinner----expensive restaurant----good meal----asked for the bill----not enough money----borrowed some from my guest.


Letter writing 书信写作


Brown, Dear Miss Williams,Dear Mrs. Smith.Always put a comma after the name.



Exercise 练习


How would you begin a letter to:your sister,your friend Bill,your employer,your old headmaster?



Key structures 关键句型


What happened?一般过去时(KS27)(参见第27课关键句型)

Study these sentences carefully.The verbs in italics tell us what happened:


I got on the bus and sat down.我上了公共汽车并坐了下来。

The magazine I ordered was sent to the wrong address. 我订的杂志送错了地址。

A fire broke out in our town recently and a large factory was burnt to the ground.最近我们的城里起了一场大火,一家大工厂被彻底烧毁了。


Exercises 练习


A  Underline the verbs in the passage that tell us what happened.


B  Give the correct form of the verbs in parentheses. Do not refer to the passage until you finish the exercise:


My friend, Hugh, has always been fat, but things______(get) so bad recently that he______(decide) to go on a diet. He______(begin)his diet a week ago. First of all, he______(write) out a long list of all the foods which were forbidden. The list______(include)most of the things Hugh loves. Yesterday I______(pay)him a visit. I______(ring) the bell and______(not surprise) to see that Hugh was still as fat as ever. He ______(lead)me into his room and hurriedly______(hide) a large parcel under his desk. It was obvious that he______(embarrass).When I______(ask)him what he was doing, he______(smile)guiltily and then______(put) the parcel on the desk. He______(explain) that his diet______(be) so strict that he ___(have to) reward himself occasionally. Then he______(show) me the contents of the parcel. It ______(contain)five large bars of chocolate and three bags of sweets!


Special difficulties 难点


Verbs often confused经常容易混淆的动词

Study these examples:


a  Raise and Rise.

That boy always raises his hand when I ask a question.当我提问时,那个男孩总举手。

That shelf was too low so we raised it a few inches. 那个架子太低了,因此我们把它架高了几英寸。

Heavy rains have raised the level of the river this year.大雨使今年河水的水位上升了。

I always rise at six o'clock.我总是6点起床。

After the concert, everybody rose and clapped.音乐会之后,大家起立鼓掌。

The sun has just risen.太阳刚刚升起。

b  Lay and Lie.

Lay those parcels on the floor, please.请把那些包放在地板上。

Where's my book? I laid it on that shelf a moment ago.我的书在什么地方?刚才我把它放在那个书架上。Haven't you laid the table yet?你还没有把桌子摆好吗?

It's nice to get up in the morning, but it's nicer to lie in bed. 早上起床固然不错,但躺在床上更好。I lay in bed till 10  o'clock last Sunday morning. 上星期日早晨,我一直躺到10点才起床。

The children are playing a game. They've all just lain on the grass. 孩子们正在玩游戏,刚才他们都躺到草地上。

c  Beat and Win.

Arsenal beat Manchester United last Saturday. 上星期六阿森纳队战胜了曼彻斯特联队。

Arsenal won the game. 阿森纳队赢了这场比赛。


Exercise 练习


Choose the correct yerbs in the following sentences:


1  Everybody(raised)(rose)when he entered the room.

2  I have been(laying)(lying)here for half an hour.

3  Mrs.Jones(laid)(lay)the table before breakfast.

4  The aeroplane(raised)(rose)into the air. 5  I'm not very good at chess. He always(wins)(beats) me.

6‘Did you(win)(beat)or lose?’I asked.


Multiple choice questions 多项选择题


Comprehension 理解

1  The writer's friend, Hugh, decided to go on a diet ______.

a. and he lost a little weight

b. but he didn't lose any weight at all

c.but he didn't lose much weight

d. and he lost a lot of weight

2  Hugh ______.

a. has avoided eating chocolate and sweets

b.has kept to a strict diet

c.hasn't kept to a strict diet

d.has been very strict with himself Structure句型

3  My friend, Hugh, has always been fat. He still ______fat.

a.was                              b.has

c.has been                        d.is

4  How long ago ______his diet?

a.will he begin                  b.has he begun

c. was he beginning          d. did he begin

5  Most of the things he loves were included ______the list.

a.into                               b.on

c.with                              d.in

6  Where did he ______the parcel?

a.hide                              b.hidden

c.hid                                d.hiding

7  He smiled guiltily. He felt ______.

a.guilt                              b.guiltily

c.guiltless                         d.guilty


8  The foods were forbidden. He wasn't ______to eat them.

a.left                                b.let

c.allowed                         d.aloud

9  I paid him a visit. I ______.

a.visited him                     b.made him visit

c.did him a visit                d. paid for a visit

10  He led me into his room. He ______me into his room.

a.steered                          b.pulled

c.drove                            d.showed

11  He was very embarrassed. He felt ______.

a.shy                               b.shameful

c.hot                               d.uncomfortable

12  He had to reward himself occasionally. He had to reward himself ______.

a.again and again                 b.now and again

c.once again                       d. over and over again


Sentence structure 句子结构


Join these sentences, then check your answer against the text. 连接以下句子,然后对照课文第9行,核对你的答案。

I asked him what he was doing. He smiled guiltily. Then he put the parcel on the desk.