Lesson 96 The dead return 亡灵返乡

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First listen and then answer the question.
What happens to the lanterns at the end of the festival?



A Festival for the Dead is held once a year in Japan. This festival is a cheerful occasion, for on this day, the dead are said to return to their homes and they are welcomed by the living. As they are expected to be hungry after their long journey, food is laid out for them. Specially-made lanterns are hung outside each house to help the dead to find their way. All night long, people dance and sing. In the early morning, the food that had been laid out for the dead is thrown into a river or into the sea as it is considered unlucky for anyone living to eat it. In towns that are near the sea, the tiny lanterns which had been hung in the streets the night before, are placed into the water when the festival is over. Thousands of lanterns slowly drift out to sea guiding the dead on their return journey to the other world. This is a moving spectacle, for crowds of people stand on the shore watching the lanterns drifting away until they can be seen no more.

New words and expressions 生词和短语

festival(1.1)/'festivəl/n. 节日
spectacle(1. 11)/'spektəkəl/n. 景象,壮观,场面
lantern(1.5)/'læntən/n. 灯笼

Notes on the text 课文注释

1  the dead are said to return to their homes,据说死去的人要回到他们的家里来。the dead,死人。定冠词用在某些形容词之后,可以用来表示某类人。
2  lay out,摆开,展示,摆设。
3  all night long,整夜。
4  the other world,另一个世界,即阴间。




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