Lesson 85 Never too old to learn 活到老学到老

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First listen and then answer the question.
How long has Mr. Page been teaching?



I have just received a letter from my old school, informing me that my former headmaster, Mr. Stuart Page, will be retiring next week. Pupils of the school, old and new, will be sending him a present to mark the occasion. All those who have contributed towards the gift will sign their names in a large album which will be sent to the headmaster's home. We shall all remember Mr. Page for his patience and understanding and for the kindly encouragement he gave us when we went so unwillingly to school. A great many former pupils will be attending a farewell dinner in his honour next Thursday. It is a curious coincidence that the day before his retirement, Mr. Page will have been teaching for a total of forty years. After he has retired, he will devote himself to gardening. For him, this will be an entirely new hobby. But this does not matter, for, as he has often remarked, one is never too old to learn.

New words and expressions 生词和短语

inform (1.1) /in'fɔ:m/ v. 告诉,通知
farewell (1.9) /feә'wel/ n. 告别
headmaster (1.2) /'hedmɑ:stə/ n. 校长
honour (1.9) /'ɑnə/ n. 敬意
contribute (1.4) /kən'trbju:t/ v. 捐助,援助
coincidence (1.9) /kəv'insidəns/ n. 巧合
gift (1.4) /gift/ n. 礼物,赠品
total (1.10) /'təvtl/ n. 总数
album (1.5) /'ælbəm/ n. 签名簿,相册
devote (1.10) /di'vəvt/ v. 致力于
patience (1.6) /'peiʃəns/ n. 耐心
gardening (1.11) /'gɑ:dniŋ/ n. 园艺
encouragement (1.7) /in'kʌridʒmәnt/ n. 鼓励
hobby (1.11) /'hɑbi/ n. 爱好,嗜好

Notes on the text 课文注释

1  old and new是pupils of the school的同位语。由并列连词连接的两个形容词作定语时,要放在所修饰的词的后面。
2  All those who have contributed towards the gift,所有凑钱买此礼品的人,contribute towards是“为……捐款”的意思。
3  remember…for…,记住……的……。
4  a farewell dinner in his honour,为他举行的告别宴会,in one's honour是“为向……表示敬意”的意思。
5  It is a curious coincidence that…,……真是奇异的巧合,that引导主语从句。
6  a total of,总共。
7  devote oneself to…,致力于……,to这里是介词,后接名词、动名词。