Lesson 94 Future champions 未来的冠军

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First listen and then answer the question.
What kind of race do the children compete in?



Experiments have proved that children can be instructed in swimming at a very early age. At a special swimming pool in Los Angeles, children become expert at holding their breath under water even before they can walk. Babies of two months old do not appear to be reluctant to enter the water. It is not long before they are so accustomed to swimming that they can pick up weights from the floor of the pool. A game that is very popular with these young swimmers is the underwater tricycle race. Tricycles are lined up on the floor of the pool seven feet under water. The children compete against each other to reach the other end of the pool. Many pedal their tricycles, but most of them prefer to push or drag them. Some children can cover the whole length of the pool without coming up for breath even once. Whether they will ever become future Olympic champions, only time will tell. Meanwhile, they should encourage those among us who cannot swim five yards before they are gasping for air.

New words and expressions 生词和短语

tricycle(1.8)/'traisikəl/n. 三轮车
Los Angeles(11.2-3)/lɔs'ændʒәlәs/洛杉矶
compete( 1. 9)/kəm'pi:t/v. 比赛,对抗
reluctant(1.5)/ri'lʌktənt/adj. 勉强的,不愿意的
yard(1.13)/jɑ:d/n. 码
weight( 1. 6)/weit/n.重物
gasp(1.13)/gɑ:sp/v. 喘气
underwater(1.8)/'ʌndə'wɔtə/adj. 水下的

Notes on the text 课文注释

1  hold their breath,屏住呼吸。
2  be popular  with…,深受……的欢迎,为……所喜爱。
3  compete against,与……竞争,与抗衡。
4  come up for breath,升上水面换气。
5  Whether they will ever become future  Olympic  champions,only time will tell.他们将来是否能成为奥林匹克的冠军,这只能由时间来作出回答。以whether引导的从句是tell的宾语,把宾语放在句首是为了强调。




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